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Introduction lecture

Contradictions in human and a new alternative education

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Лекція Вступ - нова альтернатива освіти
Video lecture Introduction

   Conflicts, misunderstandings, wars, indifference - all these are an external manifestation of the conflict that takes place inside the person. We cannot deny the fact that humans live with contradictions.

  Without resolving the issue of internal conflict, we cannot solve all other problems.

конфлікт всередині людини
  • All people strive to attain happiness, peace and prosperity
  • But why does the reality in the world differ from our internal expectations? 
  • The whole reason lies in the inner conflict of man
  • Can the modern approach to education resolve the issue of contradiction?
  • No
  • Since its main priority is external vocational education
  • Personal development remains only at the level of personal initiative
нова філософія освіти

New alternative education should be a priority in the first place:

  • Balanced development of the individual
  • Strengthening the institution of the family
  • Influence on the formation of a healthy society

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Basic seminar

Topic 1. Principles of development
Topic 2. The root of the contradiction lies in man
Topic 3. The direction of the story and me

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