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NWET is a platform for youth development

We are expanding the worldview and improving the lifestyle of young people to have a better future for the country and the world.

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Our mission is to raise young people with a big vision capable of achieving settled goals and guided by high ethical convictions.

100% of your donations go to the further development of the online platform and educational projects, and programs.

Thanks to your contribution, we can continue to spread education that will help the youth to develop comprehensively and create a better environment, country, and world.

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No person, family or organization is able to live and develop without the support of relatives and like-minded people.

Support NWET with any charitable contribution and karma will not make you wait.

Coliving is the future

The family should live together. It is a place where we can educate ourselves.

Therefore, when developing new projects, startups or educational programs, we live, work and rest in the same house.