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Development of soft skills without leaving home

Live together. A unique learning system based on real life.

  • co living

  • co working

  • co chilling

Coliving - is living together and training for young people who are united by a common idea and desire to create a better version of themselves.

What is it like to live with a team 24/7? How to maintain harmony when emotions boil over? We will share all this with you on our platform.



More than 70% of young people seem to be on the way to building relationships, give up, seeking to change the environment, which requires overcoming oneself and putting effort into the development of the relationship.

By living together, we see an opportunity to nurture one's character and sense of being a master, not a victim of circumstances.



For us, coworking is not just a workspace, but an opportunity to become partners on the way to realizing great plans.

Covering various spheres of activity (Coaching, Content creation, Recruiting, Fundraising), we create an educational platform that can solve the fundamental problems of young people and show the way to the development of the individual, family, and society.



is a new concept that NWET has launched.

Learning to spend time together, releasing stress, and making a new beginning are  essential parts of a quality life as a team. That's why we create a space for resting together.

Stay with co-co-life