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Basic seminar

Topic 1. Principles of development
Topic 2. The root of contradiction in humankind
Topic 3. The direction of history and me

Course of lectures from NWET

лекція Вступ - нові альтернатива освіти

Do you want to solve life's problems?
Do not be lazy to investigate the reasons for their appearance!

Відповіді на життєві питання
  • Each of us is looking for answers to certain life questions. Starting with the question of how to become a harmonious and successful personality and build quality long-term relationships, and ending with the question of how to influence global processes at your level.
  • Whatever the scale of the questions is , it is impossible to give an exhaustive answer to them without understanding the principles that underlie the emergence, existence and development of both human beings and the world.

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Topic 1. Principles of development

Чіткі принципи та закони
  • Striving to make our lives and the environment better, we searched for answers to questions related to the nature of human existence and the world.
  • It is an undeniable fact that the world is governed by clear principles and laws. So by studying its foundations we may observe the harmony and interconnectedness of all its elements.

Принцип гармонійної взаємодії
  • The principle of harmonious interaction is manifested only in complementary relationships between elements which are aimed at coexistence, development and multiplication.

  • Our physical and mental health, the quality of relationships and the robust development of society depend on how this principle is manifested in our lives.
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  • Where do the fundamental principles and laws originate? How to practice them in our lives?
  • What is the connection between the visible physical and invisible transcendental worlds?
  • How can this knowledge help you in your personal life?
  • All this and more you may find in our online lectures and webinars.
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Topic 2. The root of the contradiction in human beings

Чому не просто знайти щастя?
  • Everyone is struggling to become happier in life. And happiness cannot be separated from such concepts as family, peace, love, kindness.
  • Why, after all, having such common desires and ambitions, it is so difficult for us to find complete happiness in our environment and feel satisfaction from life?
Постійний конфлікт всередині людини
  • The reason lies in the confrontation between the original human mind that strives for love, beauty, goodness and our egocentrism, putting ourselves above all other values.
  • It is this confrontation that generates conflict within each individual, leads to interpersonal disputes and global wars and terror.  The history of this struggle stretches through the entire history of humankind.
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  • Where does the contradiction originate?
  • How does it create problems in our life and surroundings?
  • How can we learn to distinguish between the desire of the original mind and egocentrism?
  • All this and more you may find in our online lectures and workshops.
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Topic 3. The direction of history and me

Яке наше майбутнє?
  • Everyone at their birth is the result of the past and the beginning stage of the future.
  • Whether our life will leave a bright hope for the future or a bitter trace of human vices will be determined by what values we represent, what ideas we are guided by and what goals we strive for.
Історія повторюється
  • Analyzing different periods of human history, we can notice that some of its periods are repeated, differing only in size and scale.
  • If we want to build a brighter future, we need to learn from the historical heritage, take responsibility for the future and make wise decisions in the present.
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  • On what principles does human history move?
  • What is its ultimate goal?
  • How to learn to combine past, present and future in building a personal life?
  • All this and more in our online lectures and workshops

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