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Training “A new generation of leadership”

This is an online program for training leadership qualities based on a new paradigm of education

лекція Вступ - нові альтернатива освіти

“Leadership is not a position and qualities.
First of all, it is an attitude and lifestyle”

Відгук про тренінг

This program revealed other sides of my character and motivated me to change.

I have a strong desire to share these ideas and a lifestyle and support those who challenge themselves..

Oleksandr L. The main mentor of the training




times a week



What is waiting for you:

  • Mentor’s individual guiding

  • Unique homework that will reveal you in a new way.

  • New habits and practices that will change your lifestyle.

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The plan of the training

  • Day 1
    Principles of development

    What fundamental Principles and laws it is good to pay attention

  • Day 2
    Setting Goals

    The basics of planning and managing one’s time

  • Day 3
    Roots of Conflicts

    Main reasons of contradiction

  • Day 4

    How to analyze oneself

  • Day 5
    Critical thinking

    The change of eras and our mindset

  • Day 6
    The New Generation of Leadership

    Characteristic and impact on society

  • Day 7
    Balanced Development

    We will figure out what is main in development, and what is additional

  • Day 8
    Why History is Repeating Itself?

    The laws that affect history and me

  • Day 9
    The Confrontation of Two Worldviews

    The influence of the environment on our mindset. How not to be a slave to stereotypes

  • Day 10
    The Foundations of The Nation's Development

    Factors affecting development and decline

  • Day 11
    People Who Broke The Concepts of The World

    Not to be self-aware but to look for a better self

  • Day 12
    A New Alternative to Education

    How to change owns life to balance it

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