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13 March 2024
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A moment and a lifetime. The goal of a person’s aspirations

13 March 2024

The Power of One Moment: Seizing Life's Opportunities


Understanding the Impact of Small Actions

Living with Purpose: Connecting Every Hour to a Greater Mission


Your whole life should be the basis for you to receive the vital elements. Without them, you will not rise to the level of the spirit of life. This fact is confirmed in the world of natural phenomena. 

For example, look at professional runners, they train for a very long time, and then they run 100 meters in 10 seconds and it's over. It was all for the sake of one moment.

You must understand that the most important things in life do not happen over a long period of time, but in one moment.

He who neglects a moment loses the most valuable thing. Such a person will never achieve great achievements and become outstanding, moreover, he will not be able to inherit anything from his ancestors. Therefore, pay attention to your every word, action, even to every thought that arises in you, so that every moment of life is filled with light. Solve problems with the confidence that your life's work will leave an indelible mark on the world, because only in this way can you create a winning sphere.

If we discard the time for sleep, food, when we are in transport, in front of the TV, at the computer, birthdays, funerals, empty conversations, standing in queues... then in the end there are 7 years of life left. And what do you spend it on?

One moment decides who is the winner. Therefore, you should know that the spheres of historical and universal victory are also established in a moment. People who realize the infinite value of every moment, who live worthy of every moment, can become great people, even saints. One moment is between death and life.


Understanding the Impact of Small Actions

In 1963, the famous meteorologist Edward Lorenz formulated a concept that later became a catchphrase - the “Butterfly Effect”. What does his term “Butterfly Effect” mean? A butterfly flapping its wings in South America can set off a chain of events that could lead to a typhoon in North America. Having scientifically confirmed his hypothesis, Edward Lorenz announced it to scientists and published his theory, which later became widely known. This theory confirms the fact that even the smallest and most insignificant event at the input of a system can lead to a completely unpredictable result.

If a butterfly flapping its wings in one country can cause a tornado in another country on the opposite side of the world, what colossal power must human actions have?

The problem is our attitude. First of all, it is necessary to strive for the realization of common goals in order to create a peaceful society. However, it is even more important to make your own life fit for such a purpose.

Think about how to connect every hour with a goal that is more important than just dreaming about the arrival of such a life where this will is already fulfilled. At the individual level, as well as at the family, clan, and country level, we must create an environment conducive to the fulfillment of your mission—only then can we connect with purpose. In this case, how can we make such an idea the center of our daily life and connect every hour of it with a mission? This is a very important question.

As a rule, our problems were not planned, they did not happen within a year, ten years or several decades. Many mistakes were a matter of a second; however, they were causing the destruction of our future.    

When we think about it, we will understand what terrible consequences a moment can cause.


Living with Purpose: Connecting Every Hour to a Greater Mission

History knows a lot of examples when, due to momentary weakness, many people who set foot on the path of spiritual growth had to suffer for a long time; many peoples, having strayed from the path, sank into oblivion. A very great sacrifice was made for atonement. When we remember this, we not only realize the importance of every hour of our daily life, but also feel that every moment in one hour can have dire consequences for us. With such a feeling in our hearts, we must go forward and fight. So, remember: a better future cannot exist apart from one moment.

Eternity does not begin from the moment of our death, but from our realization of our meaning in life. But we should at least for a moment deviate from this path up or down as eternity breaks.

In their lives, on the way to a goal, some people reason: "If I don't succeed this year, I'll succeed next year, and if I don't succeed next year, I'll succeed in two years. If I don't make it in my youth, I'll catch up in my 20s, if not in my 20s, then in my 30s, if not in my 30s, then in my 40s, if not in my 40s, then in my 50s..." If a person lived with such an attitude, it means that not a single day of their life was connected to something greater.

How can a person become better without working if, even living in a wonderful country, he or she has never met the standard of a winner? How will a person enter the world of eternity if he or she has not been able to remain a winner even for one year? This is a very serious problem.

For example, it is important that believers dream of the eternal, but it is even more important that they think about how they can, in union with their Heavenly Father, eradicate evil from the present reality and become ambassadors of good. Understand that there is no problem more acute than this. Today we should not be afraid of the "judgment" that will come in the last days, but rather worry about how to connect every hour of every day with the mission, how to achieve the intersection of our lives with the purpose. This is the problem.