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13 March 2024
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What is self-love?

13 March 2024

Let's imagine an ideal. The word "values" originally appeared in economics.


Love yourself

Change yourself

So, what are these seven ways to acquire a positive mindset?



Usually, how do we define value? We determine the value of something by something external. How do we determine the value of an object? With money. The price depends on the demand and supply. When something is created, the price is determined by how much effort was put into it. How many materials were used, how much work was done. And then, as a result, for example, a cell phone will cost two hundred dollars. The price is determined depending on the situation.

Our values are also changeable because society is constantly changing. Let's talk about love. Even when it comes to love, we reject spiritual aspects and think only about material ones. Our value system is material. We evaluate everything from a material point of view. Think about your life. When you set a vision or goals, what is the standard in which you set them? This standard is always material. For example, have you set a goal to study hard for the sake of your country, for the sake of the world? Or did you decide to study hard so that you could live a better life, have a better job, and be financially secure? Usually you pursue a different goal. This shows how much we define values according to a material standard. All of your thoughts are 80-90% based on this system of defining values. In this case, what will be your object of love? It will be material.

Are we going to keep going like this, or do we need to change it? In this state, how can you find the right object of love? When you begin your journey, you need to clearly define your goal. You have to understand: I am in this position now, my thoughts are in this state. You need to think about value.


Love yourself

Why do you have problems in your relationships? Why do you have no confidence in your life? Because you don't love yourself. This is the beginning of the problem. You need to love yourself first. What is love? When we talk about true love, it is the love of parents. You have to love yourself with such an attitude, with such a soul. Do you love yourself like that? Why don't you do it? Because you always think only about yourself, only about material things.

Because you think only about yourself, only from a material point of view, you are selfish, so the model of value is wrong. I cannot have myself as the basis of the standard of value. The standard of value should not be based on the material aspect, but on the spiritual aspect. To look from this point of view, you need to look from the point of view of parents. How do they look at their children? "Oh, this child does not study well, does not obey, creates many different problems!" What do parents say? Do they blame? They say: "Go away, you are not my son or my daughter, never come back!" Of course, when they are irritated, they may say something like that, but in reality they think differently. Parents want to take care of their child, to think positively. "Yes, he is having difficulties now, but in the future he will be able to change and become a good person." Isn't that their attitude? Of course, they shout and swear at you, but that's not really their attitude. This is parental love!


This means that you need to change your mindset now as well. Learn to love yourself as a parent. Why do you have an internal struggle? It's a problem with conviction. For example, you have confidence, but you can't talk about it. When people ask you if you can do it or not, why can't you say you will? Because you are afraid. "What if I don't do it, what if it doesn't work out, what if I'm a bad person? I'd rather keep quiet." There is an inner fear, and this applies to everyone. Because you look at it from a selfish point of view. But if you look at yourself from your parents' point of view, you will realize that your parents believe in you. If you say you can do it, your parents will absolutely believe you and support you. You need to look at yourself from your parents' point of view. Then you will have confidence that you can do it.


Change yourself

Today, leading people are talking about three topics. The main topic is change. There must be changes in the new millennium. In order to survive, you need to change every day, every second. This is the slogan. The second theme is creativity, and the third is positive thinking. If you have a parental heart, you will have positive thinking. Parents usually think about the future, do not take into account the negative. They do not pay attention to the fact that you are having difficulties now, but think that everything will be fine later. You need to change your mindset and think positively. You need to do this. You need to love yourself with parental love. This is a positive way of thinking.

There is a famous person, Brian Tracy. He wrote a book called The Success System for a Happy Life. He defines that there are seven ways to acquire positive thinking. He writes that in order to love yourself as a parent and have a positive mindset, you need to learn to love yourself, then you will find your value. When you understand your value, and you get recognition from the subject, then you will find your value. Through this, you need to love yourself. You have to love yourself like a parent, that is, have a positive mindset. He says that positive thinking can be acquired in 21 days. This is the result of scientific research. A chicken incubates eggs for 21 days to hatch chicks. This explains why it takes 21 days to train. To change core concepts. Gain new insight and act accordingly.


So, what are these seven ways to acquire a positive mindset?

The first step. You need to visualize your idea to be seen. Simply put, you need to love it. You need to express yourself. You need to imagine yourself, for example, as James Bond. You can stick a picture of James Bond on your face and say that this is you! What is James Bond? This guy is a famous actor. What does an actor mean? It means that I also need to do something. To become an actor, you need to be glued, to make yourself see your goal. I'm not talking about just gluing it on and watching. How you want to see yourself, how you want to express yourself. You have to define who you want to be. Understand your ideal, your desires. You need to change your attitude. You need to see and believe. It starts with this attitude. We should not have stupid dreams because I like something. It makes no sense at all.

What do you dream about? What is your vision? You have to keep striving for the dream. You need to draw it to see it yourself. Someone can draw a red circle. Someone might say, for example, that this is me. Fire, I want to become a fire person. Because I'm so shy, I'm afraid of everything. And I want to change. So I want to become fire so that I can do everything. So I drew a red circle, it's the sun, it's energy! I want to express my ideal in this way. That's why you can draw it and stick it somewhere on the table. It means visualizing a dream. To change yourself, to have a positive mindset, you need to visualize, you need to draw.

Second. When you write, you need to write positively. For example: "I can do it". Do not write: "I can't do it". You need to have positive content, you need to make it personal and present. "I love myself, I like myself!" It's positive, in the present tense, and it's personal, it's about me. Write such phrases, then something will change in your understanding. And then it will be much easier to gain conviction. You need to write in an affirmative, positive form. Then you will have confidence.

Third. Write it, stick it and shout it in front of the mirror. Through the words, even more energy will be released, your confidence will grow. These are such important words! Because your thoughts and your attitude are expressed through your words. The first action is a word! And you don't want to, you are afraid. You usually don't want to share your original nature, you don't want to say: "Yes, I can do it!" Because you are afraid. You know yourself: "I will not fulfill, I will behave badly. Why should I talk about it? If I do, I'll look like a fool. I'll look like a fool, and then I'll be condemned. I'd rather keep quiet, that's the best thing. That's what you think, that's your attitude. You will never fulfill it. Why do you have this attitude? Because you think negatively, you think about yourself. That's why you have this mindset, that's why you can't achieve anything.

You need to look at it from the point of view of your parents, that you can do it. After all, your parents believe in you. Then you can actually do it. You need to shout out! This is the first action! So that others can recognize it. What does it mean to act, to move? It means that others will see that you are alive. If you do not express your soul, how can others understand you? They won't recognize you, and that means you haven't done it. The first action is the word: "I can do it, I will do it! Yes!" I must say, this is the first action. If you act, you will gain experience, and then you will feel that you can do it. You need to speak up. 

Now the fourth thing. When you have confidently expressed yourself in words, now you need to act. For example, if you imagine yourself as Schwarzenegger. He was an actor, later he became a politician, the governor of California. How did he achieve this? He walks so straight, says hello to everyone, is so calm and confident. And he thinks about the state of California, about the state budget. Not all day long, but for a certain amount of time. Let's say 10 minutes a day. And for 10 minutes a day, you think you are the governor of the state of California. The main thing is at least a little bit of this action is taken. Through this action you will gain even more power. For example, for 10 minutes a day, you will live like this. Then you will naturally feel that this is a part of your life. And you will really become such a person. And you will start to change. 

Fifth, learn. Simply put, learn from successful people. Study their lives, read books about them, watch movies about them, communicate with them. There are many different ways. This should become material for you, you need to collect as much of this material as possible and comprehend it. Learn from people who have achieved success. This is a real experience. You need to study this experience a lot. Then you will naturally come to understand: "Oh, I can do it!" You will find ways. And your life habits will change.

Sixth. In Korean, we say: "yu-yu-san-ga" means something like "tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are". Do you understand what I'm talking about? People of similar character get together and become friends. Isn't that right? So you need to become friends with those who have a positive mindset. You don't need to communicate with those who are negative. If you socialize a lot with those who have a negative mindset, you will become like them. You need to have a positive mindset. You need more friends like that. Get away from people who think negatively.

Seventh. Teach others. Pass on what you have learned, and what you have understood, to others. To love others, to spread love, you need to teach others. And then, having acquired such a positive mindset, you will learn to love yourself.

So, you need to have a clear system of values. The goal of life is love, true love. How can I find love? Using these methods, you need to change yourself. Love yourself from your parents' point of view, then you will have a positive mindset. But this is not enough. You need to set a real goal and act on it.