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13 March 2024
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Dedicate your youth to exciting goals

13 March 2024

Each new generation endures heartache.


Sometimes, young people compare themselves to others and lament their status. A desire to give up may pop into their heads and, rather than looking within, they may feel like blaming others or the world they live in. The more difficult our situation, however, the more we have to remember our original dream.

Especially in our younger years, we face countless temptations, endless concerns and unbounded desires. The only way to manage these is to have a strong will, and this means having clearly defined objectives.

The years of our youth are the best time to dedicate ourselves to exciting goals that make our hearts beat faster. Since our youth is brief, it is important to do this without delay. We don’t want to be left in regret. We need to set good goals and know who to partner with to achieve them. If we do not live vigorously and create our own path, we will end up sinking in despair and envy.

Some young people complain that adults tell them to work harder, without giving them credit for the effort they are already making. Some become pessimistic, feeling that no matter how hard they try, they can’t get ahead—and that society is at fault. But they need to take an honest look at how much effort they have actually made. Complaint and distrust will not get us far. Young people need to follow a virtuous path of sacrifice, service and love. “Youth,” by Samuel Ullman, is one of my favorite poems. I like the passage, “Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.” With a purpose-driven heart, anyone, regardless of age, can live the fresh life of passionate youth.

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